Empowering proprietary trading.

As a proprietary trading firm Market Wizards operates two advanced dealingrooms in the Netherlands: One in the historic Exchange building in Amsterdam and another in business center De Vliert in Den Bosch. Both trading facilities are empowered by our low latency private infrastructures and smart technologies for high frequency trading.

Our facilities are used by professional traders and financial institutions such as hedge funds. Market Wizards is headquartered in Amsterdam and an independent member of various pan-European Exchanges, including NYSE Euronext, BATS Chi-X Europe, ICE Europe, Eurex, Xetra, Six Swiss Exchange and the London Stock Exchange.

How we work

At Market Wizards, we are always looking for talented people. Traders who fit into our team and profile are invited to apply. We employ traders but we also offer traders to become a partner in a partnership by means of a joint venture. In the partnership contract it is agreed that Market Wizards takes care of all trading facilities and organizational aspects, leaving the trader free to fully focus on trading. The partnership is flexible and can always be cut short. In practice, this form of collaboration results in an efficient and constructive relationship whereby among others, the traders can chart the company’s course. Our flat and informal corporate structure aids in this process.

Market Wizards arranges all organizational aspects, leaving traders free to completely focus on trading.

Why trade at Market Wizards?


Market Wizards has a highly experienced- and specialized team of professionals originating from various backgrounds like marketmaking firms, banks, proprietary trading firms and hedge funds. Also, Market Wizards provides technical infrastructure and facilities to other professional financial institutions, like Done Hedge Fund.

Market Wizards is authorized by the Netherlands Authority for the Financial Markets (AFM), De Nederlandsche Bank (DNB) and is affiliated with the Dutch Securities Institute (DSI). For cross-border trading Market Wizards has a European Passport, Investments Services Directive (ISD).

Traders who fit into our team and profile are welcome to become a partner.